The InSource Way is a philosophy and the way we approach our work.

InSource is a North American based leader in simplifying success for industrial environments.  Although every client defines success slightly differently, a common thread is the desire to increase productivity and profitability, raise customer & employee satisfaction and grow steadily through innovation.

The InSource Way is a philosophy and way of approaching our work, designed to simplify each client’s path to success.  There are 4 tenants:
  1. Technology Alone is Not Enough
  2. Personalization Energizes Employees and Solutions
  3. Off-the-Shelf and Scalable….Wherever possible
  4. Your Success is our Success

Technology Alone is Not Enough


At InSource, we have observed time and time again that the right technology is necessary, but not sufficient for success.  In short, technology alone is not enough.  Therefore, we offer solutions that align people, process, and technology. We help our clients maintain their success through disciplined execution. We want our clients to be able to say:

  • Our people can and will produce expected results
  • We have the framework and procedures needed to produce expected results
  • We have the tools and the data to help us produce expected results
  • We know what we need to do and we do it consistently over time producing expected results

Personalization energizes employees & Solutions

operational-efficiency-solutions-graphicInSource Maturity Matrix®

Every organization is different.  The culture, the strategy, the level of complexity, the propensity for risk, where they are on their digital transformation journey etc.  Although our technology may be equally applicable, we strive to personalize our solutions to match an organization’s maturity.  We work with you to clarify your goals & select solutions that balance best fit technology with your organizational readiness & budget.  We map relevant processes, & workforce talents & set clear expectations for aligning people and process with any new technology.  And then we coach your team through the adoption process to ensure initial and then on-going results.  We develop strategies to build employee engagement, which in turn maximizes solution adoption & compliance. And throughout the solution life-cycle, we are there to help your innovations evolve from digitization to digital acceleration.

off-the-shelf & Scalable….Wherever possible.

There are many paths to success. We talk in terms of 3.  A Point solution is a fast fix for an immediate, often standalone need and may provide a quick win for the plant but need to be replaced later.  A Framework solution delivers a short-term outcome with a longer-term outcome in mind. More planning is required, but the intent is to start in a place you can build upon.  At the plant level, a shorter-term ROI may take precedence, while at a corporate level, even though shorter-term ROIs are important to keep the project going, getting the longer-term ROI is the end goal. A Program solution requires the most planning but also produces the biggest longer-term ROIs.  What changes to existing processes & routines are necessary? What training, coaching & audits are required? We strongly believe that using off-the-shelf technology frameworks wherever possible in conjunction with one of these paths maximizes your ultimate return on assets.


Your success is our success.

We know it’s a cliche’.  But we measure our ultimate value by the transformations we help you achieve.   On-going digital transformation strategies require on-going effort.  InSource believes in being there for you.  We work with cross functional teams (internal and external) to help you plan, deploy, operate, maintain, optimize and ultimately evolve your chosen solution. This includes understanding your definition of long term success and helping you achieve it with regular check-ins and assistance.  Learn more about our Maintenance Programs & Support Services.