For a Broader View of Engineering & Operations

The more complex operations become, the more a common-sense, real-time view of business is required. Everyone can benefit from improved data access.  Help both your Engineering & Operations organizations foster greater collaboration, analyze valuable information, and increase integration across the lifecycles of your business.

Operations Control Bundles

Operations Control Bundles are a type of AVEVA Flex Bundles specifically designed for the Operations space and sized for your needs from Edge to Supervisory to Enterprise.  Now is the time to unify your operations with AVEVA Flex Bundles.


Operations Control Bundles are part of the AVEVA Flex program.  The AVEVA Flex Program is AVEVA’s full portfolio, commercial subscription program across both on-premises products and AVEVA cloud solutions.  Designed to be a digital experience from the get-go for both the Operations and Engineering environments, users can self-manage their rate of consumption and allocation of software at their own pace and of their own choice, through the currency of AVEVA Flex, called Flex Credits. Redeem and consume AVEVA Flex credits as you need them to drive existing business growth and to discover new areas of innovation.



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