Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities”, Gartner

In 2020, every industrial company has a digitalization agenda to help achieve efficiency and agility in their business. The programs go by a range of names, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Smart manufacturing, and many others. These programs are delivering results as a 2018 LNS Research found that Industrial Transformation (IX) leaders are achieving competitive advantage by using technology “to create an enterprise-wide view of operations” that enables a “tightly orchestrated team.”

The AVEVA industrial portfolio is uniquely positioned to help companies “win the game” and improve productivity and profitability along in two key significant business dimensions:

  • The Asset lifecycle, which is the process from which a plant inclusive of its assets such as machines or pumps or pieces of process equipment is designed, then operated, and finally maintained.
  • The Operations lifecycle is where the where production from these assets is planned, executed, and then monitored for quality and continuously optimized.

If there wasn’t’ already a sense that something “big ” was happening in industrial operations worldwide, COVID-19 accelerated these efforts as companies scrambled to find solutions to allow their teams to remote work remotely, analytics and smart processes took center stage, tapping resiliency and agility in order to survive.

Since the merger with Schneider Electric that created a $1B Industrial software through leader, the AVEVA marketing team has been integrating and leveraging their solution portfolio to help customers achieve success on their Industrial Transformation (IXO) Journey and meet the ongoing need for remote teams to access analytics and contribute from outside the traditional control room.

In our next webinar series, InSource will review each of the major solutions in that portfolio and show the potential each offers to enable your industrial transformation journey.

Our Learn in 30 Webinar Topics include:

On Demand – InSource Brings Your Digital Transformation Journey to Life with AVEVA
On Demand – Creating the Digital Twin for Cradle to Grave Asset Management
On Demand – Enabling IT/OT Convergence with the Unified Operations Center
On Demand – Drive Operational Efficiency through Digitalization of Operations

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