Our Professional Services group meets our clients where they are to understand their needs, write requirements and specifications, and then manage project execution; often handling multiple concurrent projects. And the rewarding part is we help our clients generate measurable outcomes so they can see the benefit of their work.


Here is where you come in. Once a client has decided to proceed with a project, you will move the project from the order to the execution process. You will interact with the InSource sales team and the client team to determine schedule and skill requirements. This will then allow you to work with the InSource professional services team to align the right resources for execution, set up the project infrastructure, and communicate the plan for execution to all parties. After execution, you will assist with closing the project, reporting on performance, and the transition of information to other departments within InSource for client experience continuity.


This position will require attention to detail, excellent interpersonal skills, and a desire to develop a diverse operations & technical skillset.

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