December 8-11, 2020


Live Online

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Individuals who need to configure or modify InBatch applications.


Knowledge of the following tools, features and technologies is required:

  • For all students:
    • Manufacturing industry concepts
    • Concept of a batch process
    • Networking for configuring InBatch OS-based security
  • For integration of InBatch with InTouch tag-based applications:
    • Creating an InTouch application
    • Tags
    • Creating Windows in InTouch
    • Access Names
    • ArchestrA symbols
    • Importing objects
    • .NET controls
  • For integration of InBatch with InTouch for System Platform applications:
    • Creating an InTouch application
    • Creating Windows in InTouch
    • ArchestrA symbols
    • .NET controls
  • For integration of InBatch with Application Server:
    • Creating a Galaxy
    • Automation objects
    • Object Viewer
    • Deployment model
    • Security
  • For integration of InBatch with a plant control system:
    • Device Integration Servers
    • PLC


4 days



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