February 9-12, 2021 at 2 PM – 9 PM EST*

*This course is being offered to accommodate students not in our standard Eastern and Central time zones.


Live Online

Read the course description here.


Individuals who need to configure or modify InBatch applications.


Knowledge of the following tools, features and technologies is required:

  • For all students:
    • Manufacturing industry concepts
    • Concept of a batch process
    • Networking for configuring InBatch OS-based security
  • For integration of InBatch with InTouch tag-based applications:
    • Creating an InTouch application
    • Tags
    • Creating Windows in InTouch
    • Access Names
    • ArchestrA symbols
    • Importing objects
    • .NET controls
  • For integration of InBatch with InTouch for System Platform applications:
    • Creating an InTouch application
    • Creating Windows in InTouch
    • ArchestrA symbols
    • .NET controls
  • For integration of InBatch with Application Server:
    • Creating a Galaxy
    • Automation objects
    • Object Viewer
    • Deployment model
    • Security
  • For integration of InBatch with a plant control system:
    • Device Integration Servers
    • PLC


4 days 2 PM – 9 PM EST*



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