Date & Time

Wednesday, May 26 at 10 AM EDT


30 minutes


With a simple drag and drop interface, AVEVA Mobile Operator Rounds allows you to put more power into the hands of your operations staff.  As an alternative to legacy paper rounds, you can provide decision support to the person who’s closest to the machine and guide them about how to address an anomaly, in real time.

You can capture the latent tribal knowledge that exists in your organization and easily surface best practice information to junior team members.  AVEVA Mobile Operator Rounds also allows you to collect data from stranded assets and provides a path to local or cloud storage for that data.  Furthermore, this tool allows you to add modern capabilities that the classic clipboard couldn’t dream of.  Things like location verification via RFID or QR code tagging, image or video capture, integration with Bluetooth peripherals to measure things like vibration or temperature, and much more.  Come see how your operations might be enhanced with a digital tool like AVEVA Mobile Operator Rounds.

Join Lewis Talley, Technical Solutions Architect at InSource for this webcast and see how easily your paper rounds and checklists and can be digitized.


Lewis Talley, Technical Solutions Architect, InSource Solutions

Lewis Talley has 17 years of experience applying Manufacturing IT solutions in Manufacturing and industrial users. Starting with Philip Morris Corporation in Richmond, VA Lewis later joined InSource Solutions as an Applications engineer where he was chartered with helping new and existing users envision how different solutions can be applied to improve their processes and overall operational efficiency. Lewis has served as a System consultant, MES solution Architect, and currently holds the position of Technical Solution Architect where he continues to bring value to the presale role with MES solutions, Asset Performance Management, Workforce optimization, MES Quality, Virtual computing, Visualization & Supervisory control. Lewis has published over 80 articles and holds over 35 certifications from Microsoft, AVEVA, and VMWare.

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