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Thursday, September 16 at 12 PM EDT


30 minutes


Since the advent of the 2017 versions for the Wonderware/AVEVA portfolio, the way that we have done licensing has changed to utilize XML files (aka Entitlement Files) instead of the older “ArchestrA.LIC” files.   These files are sent in two formats:

  • Multiple XML files (One for each serial number).
  • Single XML (All part numbers in one file).

Single XML files unfortunately makes it difficult to manage all of our feature lines, especially if we need to have multiple license servers/locations.  What happens when we have multiple parts of a plant/facility that need to be governed independently?    By being able to customize the splitting of an XML file into multiple files that can be made to represent the parts purchased in each location of a single site would be most beneficial.


Join Glenn Yancey, Technology Advocate @InSource Solutions as he covers the following:

  • Contents of an Entitlement File (XML).
    • What is XML? (VERY HIGH LEVEL)
    • How to open an XML file
      • What editors should be used
      • Understanding its structure
    • Tags
    • Elements
  • How to perform a split of XML files.
    • Have backups on hand
    • Entitlement IDs need to be unique for activation and location representation.
      • DEMO
  • Discuss Advantages and Disadvantages of License Splitting.

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Glenn Yancey, Technology Advocate, InSource Solutions

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