Can IIoT and a Modern OT/IT Infrastructure Help Address Food and Beverage Manufacturing Challenges?

By Jay Jeffreys, Stratus Technologies

The food and beverage industry is dealing with a daunting set of challenges, some old and some new. But a whole new world of tools and methods is also on the way, and customers who pay attention to the underlying infrastructure and build a solid foundation for the new tools can look forward to a successful and profitable journey. The analysts at ARC Advisory group have some important advice and observations for our food & beverage industry customers.

 “None of these food & beverage industry challenges that are addressed via digital transformation and smart technologies can be deployed without the convergence of operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT). This has led to a rapid learning curve for both IT and OT groups.  Within food & beverage plants, OT/IT convergence has meant that IT personnel often have to learn what terms such as “real time,” “non-stop,” and “deterministic” mean in the operations context, and OT personnel are rapidly discovering the advantages of leveraging the latest IT-based approaches.  This convergence is helping these plants address unscheduled downtime, as legacy automation assets often need IIoT technology to be connected to the Cloud or to act as edge devices, often by the addition of smart embedded devices to the asset. Real-time or near real-time data, available 24/7/365, is essential for any food & beverage business to globally compete.  This OT/IT convergence trend increases the need for tighter integration and more information and analytics from all manufacturing assets, including legacy automation systems. It also contributes to the adoption of cloud computing and Big Data applications, which in turn drive the need for high-availability systems to help eliminate unscheduled downtime.” Click here for the entire article.

More information regarding this topic can be found in a joint ARC Advisory Group and Stratus Technologies webcast entitled: How a Modern OT/IT Infrastructure Can Help Food & Beverage Manufacturing Challenges.