October 2, 2015 — Charlotte, NC — The American manufacturing industry is alive and well. The applied concepts of math and science within this field are very relevant to today’s students. To illustrate this and increase awareness of the importance of manufacturing in America, InSource Solutions and Community School of Davidson are partnering to promote a Manufacturing Day event in Davidson, NC.

This will be the second annual Manufacturing Day event being co-hosted by InSource Solutions, and students from the Community School of Davidson. At this event students will learn about the manufacturing industry through exciting hands on activities. It will feature many fun events like having the students teach Baxter the robot to perform defined tasks, the importance of Process in manufacturing high quality products through our S’mores manufacturing facility, and challenging the automated machine in our learning lab in the areas of quality and quantity produced for a customer order, and much more!

InSource Solutions is a Southeastern based company with an office in Davidson that designs and develops manufacturing software that companies deploy to operate their manufacturing lines. Their staff is committed to providing valuable educational opportunities for the local community. The event will be open to middle and high school students. To register or for more information please visit our manufacturing day website, http://www.mfgday.com/events/2015/insource-solutions-2.

We hope you can join us for this fun and exciting learning experience!