Richmond, VA — July 22-24, 2020

Every year InSource Owners hold their annual Shareholders meeting. It is a time of learning, celebration, and fun. In years past we have traveled to places like Asheville, NC; Williamsburg, VA; Baltimore, MD; and even taken a cruise or two. Last year our trip included our own families and we celebrated our best year, yet. This year our plans were curtailed by COVID-19 travel restrictions, however, we still managed to get together virtually.

Each year we have presentations that expand our knowledge of our business, our clients, and our world. This year was no exception. We heard from our clients at Nice-Pack, AW North Carolina, and Starbucks about how they have adjusted to the new normal of COVID-19. We learned about our own business and where we are headed this year. We also made a fun competition out of our offerings: the first ever InSource Solutions Shark Tank. We crowned Jeff Miller the winner! Jeff created a special advertisement that held our Sharks’ interests. Now you can watch the video, too.