March 20, 2013 — Atlanta, GA — InSource, a leader in manufacturing solutions, this month held its first Youth Manufacturing Day, exemplifying its focus to revitalize manufacturing in America.

The event united 28 elementary, middle, and high school aged students for a day of education on manufacturing skills and processes. The learning took place in a classroom setting, through hands on demonstrations, and as participants worked in different roles within the manufacturing process to produce actual product. All of this was couched under the importance of manufacturing in America.

“Revitalizing manufacturing in America is a movement in which InSource is fully engaged,” said Ann Croom, InSource President and CEO. “We have gone all in with local communities and their ability to again be proud of their manufacturing excellence. Part of that is making sure our young people are aware of the opportunities available in manufacturing.”

For these youth, this first taste of manufacturing was a sweet one. Their mind’s were at work as they moved from the raw materials area through the many stations, on to quality control and finally to the finished goods area.

The success of the event was evident in the faces of the youth and their parents throughout the day. Even afterward, the experience continued to resonate.

“My boys had a blast. They talked all the way home… Seth worked in Quality Control… Nathan worked Assembly,” said a participating parent of her sons. “Thanks from me and my boys for making this a memorable day, one they will probably always remember.”

These experiences will stay in the minds of youth as they move forward to select a career. America’s companies benefit when youth are educated about manufacturing.

“We believe in it,” said Croom “we encourage every company, large and small, to jump on board and do what they can to push forward what is the unique blend of knowledge and innovation in our country – manufacturing.”

Educating youth and adults about manufacturing skills, benefits, products, processes and its importance to communities around the country is part of a larger focus at InSource.

“Thank you for inspiring the students to greatness, and filling their minds with ideas to dream about for their future…for reminding them not to waste their youth!” wrote a grateful parent.