June 24, 2016 — Baltimore, MD — InSource Solutions wholeheartedly supports the call to action that U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker made earlier this month as she encouraged manufacturers to reach out to parents, teachers, students and guidance counselors to educate future workers on the rewarding and challenging careers in manufacturing.

InSource works daily to do its part in revitalizing manufacturing in America. In addition to making manufacturing more productive and profitable through its product and service offerings, the organization has an outreach program to promote manufacturing to future generations.

“Manufacturing requires ingenuity, it’s engaging and it’s evolving rapidly.” Said Ann Croom, InSource President and CEO. “We want the incoming workforce to recognize the potential of a career in manufacturing. There are new employment options across all technical and education skill levels.”

To promote this new world of manufacturing and its career opportunities, InSource’s outreach program has taken to schools, and has brought school to them.


This spring InSource completed the second in a series of manufacturing practicums. For eight weeks students (six boys and two girls) from the Community School of Davidson in Davidson, N.C. studied, played and lived what manufacturing is all about.

Classes included workshops and discussion around topics such as the software development process, robotics in manufacturing, automation and high quality output, complete with live demonstrations at the InSource Learning Lab in Davidson.

As the course progressed, the students’ understanding and excitement about manufacturing increased dramatically.” said Scott Miller, Executive Director, SightBridge Consulting, and InSource Company.

Davidson Mayor John Woods, entrepreneur Scott Miller, along with an independent investor joined the fun. Mimicking the show Shark Tank, these judges evaluated their willingness to buy into manufacturing companies created by the students. The last two weeks of class consisted of teams concepting ideas for manufacturing product and how to bring them to market.

Next school year InSource will work with a middle school group, along with the newly instituted robotics class at the Community School of Davidson.

Insource continues to look for partner organizations who wish to join them in educating youth on the opportunities of careers in manufacturing.


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