July 8, 2013 — Charlotte, NC — InSource, a North American based leader in simplifying success for industrial environments, celebrates the opening of a new office in Davidson, N.C. and announces the creation of a manufacturing learning lab.

On Wednesday July 17, InSource will open its doors to the public for an open house and ribbon cutting

The office is central to many manufacturing and industrial facilities in the eastern United States. In its goal to help revitalize manufacturing, InSource offerings are made even more readily available due to the office’s proximity.

The event marks the beginning of a valuable relationship between InSource and Davidson. Davidson Mayor John Woods will Join Wednesday’s festivities and say a few words.

“InSource is thrilled to be part of the Davidson community,” said Ann Croom, InSource President and CEO. “We look forward to continued involvement.”

As a first step in that effort InSource selected Davidson as the location for its 2013 Shareholders Meeting. The open house kicks off the InSource annual 3-day meeting, held this year at Davidson College. The events will be catered by local companies Toast and SMOKE AND GO.

“The site was specifically selected so our employees and their families could see the new facility and enjoy what Davidson offers,” said Croom, explaining why the meeting will be held in Davidson.

The new building will be occupied by InSource as well as Sightbridge Consulting, an InSource Company.  Thirty employees are assigned to the office, which includes two floors. Continued travel to the area by InSource staff, partners and customers for training and work in the state of the art manufacturing lab will add to the community economic benefit.

The office is located at 630 Davidson Gateway Drive, Davidson, N.C. 29036. The open house will run from 4p.m. to 7:30p.m. The ribbon cutting will take place at 5:30p.m.