March 06, 2019. — Baltimore, MD — Imagine an OEE solution that can be rapidly deployed, within 48 hours, with almost immediate ROI. A solution where all your data is stored in a secure cloud, accessible with any computer or mobile device. A solution where your valuable time is focused on actionable data. Does this sound too good to be true?  InSource Solutions has made all of this a reality.

InSource X0 Solutions™ is a revolutionary approach for allowing customers to go from Industry 1.0 right up to industry 4.0 and beyond, without a huge capital investment. And the best part of these solutions is that they are scalable. You can place our solutions in one facility or spread them across your entire enterprise and still have one portal.

“We have worked with many clients who are in tough situations. The equipment they have are proprietary and incapable of modern communications thus making it extremely difficult, for traditional methods, to pull data from the machines. With modern Industrial IoT solutions, we have work arounds for this by leveraging shadow sensing. We are able to add our own Industrial IoT devices and collect the data for negligible investments.” Says Jeff Miller; Director Smart Manufacturing and Innovation at InSource Solutions.

InSource X0 Solutions are completely agnostic to any SCADA or PLC control system. Pre-engineered to leverage industry leading technology, they help you leapfrog digitization maturity levels faster. InSource X0 Solutions are a complete hands-off approach making it as frictionless as possible to your operations.

“InSource X0 Solutions is a revolutionary approach to OEE solutions. Our team has harnessed key technologies from Industry 4.0 like IIoT, Cloud computing and advanced cybersecurity to deploy a technology-as-a-service OEE platform that costs 80% less than traditional solutions.  Our Subscription service means you only pay for results while the InSource team monitors and maintains the underlying technology”, says Brian Premock, Director of Business Development at InSource Solutions. “We are currently offering Historian and Downtime packaged solutions with Energy available later this year. This is an exciting time in manufacturing.”

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About InSource Solutions

InSource Solutions ( is a North American based leader in simplifying success for industrial environments by optimizing process and technology while empowering people. Increasing customer productivity and profitably, InSource is revitalizing manufacturing with products and services that align industrial operations with business objectives. InSource sustains that success through consulting practices focused on organizational adoption.