Paper forms (work order tracking, lab results, maintenance and safety rounds, etc.) are the oil that keeps your Food and Beverage plant’s engine running.  Somewhere in that ocean of paper is the insight you need to save money and run your plant more efficiently.

A common barrier is overcoming LPF (Lost, Piled & Filed) Syndrome.  You recognize the symptoms – manual entry errors, hours spent transcribing paper to computer, missing information and most importantly, the frustration that comes from not having timely information to act on.

ARC recently reported that the rise of low-cost mobility solutions are helping manufacturing customers put an end to LPF syndrome.

InSource has helped many clients implement a paper to digital transformation by incorporating mobile solutions their associates already use, resulting in quick ROI and higher employee satisfaction.

To learn more, download this presentation by Campbell’s Soup featuring their Paper to Digital Transformation Program for equipment centerline rounds.

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