In 2020 manufacturers learned a lot about themselves.  There were new challenges and unique disruptions that exposed our weaknesses but also highlighted our innovation and perseverance. At InSource, we know it is hard to believe that we are already nearing the time where we, as an industry, start preparing for 2021.  How do you know what to prepare for?  Is 2020 the opening act for 2021, or was it the main act?

In these situations, it is important to revisit the foundational elements for why the industry is digitizing and taking a fresh look with this new lens called 2020.  The one thing we do know for certain, the most digitized organizations were better prepared than those who weren’t.

Join us as we use this new 2020 lens to explore the digital tools found with the AVEVA MES portfolio and ready ourselves for those projects and value opportunities in 2021:

On Demand InSource Webinar
Stone Technologies Discusses an MES Success Story – Mennel Millings

When Mennel Milling purchased a muffin plant from General Mills, they realized that they would not be able to maintain the custom LIMS and Downtime system the GM plant used to run production. They wanted a standard multi-plant approach and tighter integration with their new ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics.  Stone Technologies worked with Mennel Milling to replace their inherited custom quality management and downtime systems and assisted Mennel Milling in creating a new LIMS using AVEVA’s Model-Driven MES, including Quality sampling, COAs (Certificate of Analysis) and Downtime tracking.

Join Stone Technologies’ Robert Donlon as he discusses the details of this successful project with InSource’s Jeff Miller.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

    • How to decide when to keep a custom solution vs. moving to a commercial package
    • Tips for creating Sample plans, inline measurements and COAs
    • Integrating a new system into existing business processes
    • Demo of Mennel’s new MES system


09/22/2020 AVEVA Webinar
Agility in Manufacturing Shorten Lead-Times & Inventory

Modern Manufacturing Execution Systems deliver that platform with agnostic connectivity to business systems, data lakes, automation and IIoT systems to deliver the next level of benefits though predictive analytics, prescriptive planning and scheduling. When consistently implemented across multiple sites, the digital twin of the plant becomes an enabler for agility, velocity and traceability that can support the new business models, product and customer engagement that digital transformation is enabling at the business level.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

    • Why the digitalization of manufacturing operations enables business agility and supply chain performance.
    • What defines the digital twin of a plant as a platform with edge to enterprise connectivity for production optimization to deliver the next level of benefits through predictive analytics and prescriptive planning and scheduling.
    • How to achieve standardization of manufacturing operations towards the ERP and supply chain backbone across multiple sites
    • How to maintain the adaptability manufacturers need to continuously improve and to innovate in response to changing customer preferences.