Visualization & Supervisory Control

Xperts On Tap – System Platform Alarming

AVEVA System Platform alarm notification software enables real-time intelligent alarm and event notification, data acquisition and remote control from telecommunication devices. Analysis of historical alarm data provides the ability to quickly analyze alarm patterns and identify nuisance and ‘bad actor’ alarms that can lead to operator distractions.

Visualization & SCADA

Xperts on Tap: Dream Report – Reports & Dashboards

Award-winning software solution for compliance and performance, reports and dashboards. Dream Report has become the industry standard and is continuing to gain in popularity. If you’re still using Microsoft Excel, SAP Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for your automation related reports and KPI dashboards, then it’s time to explore Dream Report.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Xperts on Tap: Leveraging the AVEVA Insight Application Programming Interface (API)

The AVEVA Insight Platform collects and stores data from virtually any kind of data source from PLCs to IOT devices.  AVEVA opens this data repository to the world via a comprehensive Application Programming Interface or API that allows “programmatic” storage, manipulation and retrieval of data for use within any other software application.

Asset Performance Management

Beating the Curve with Cloud Based AI and Machine Learning

Join Kevin Modlin, InSource’s Director of Architected Solutions as he explores the new Asset Performance Management (APM)  portfolio from  AI machine Learning to advanced  analytics solutions. Come see how these solutions provide advanced warning of machine failure based on asset models that contextualize  historical information and past failures  to improve the utilization of your most important assets.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Xperts on Tap: AVEVA’s Next Generation Communications Drivers

As we all move down the digitalization journey to implement our Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing initiatives, the need to connect to a broader array of devices and systems is ever increasing. AVEVA has released some innovative communications drivers which allow our clients to connect to devices well beyond the traditional PLC devices.

Please join us for our Xperts on Tap session were we will explore these next generations communications drivers.

Operational Efficiency

Executing Flexible, High Quality Manufacturing Operations with AVEVA Model-Driven MES

In 2020, a well-designed and operated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a requirement for manufacturing leaders seeking competitive advantage. MES is no longer thought of as a single “solve” everything application solution like ERP. It’s modular, strategic and flexible.

Workforce Optimization

Enabling the Connected Worker | AVEVA Mobile Operator Rounds

Lower production and efficiencies due to the worldwide pandemic, lost knowledge due to the early retirement of senior employees, new safety and operating processes and procedures, reduced wrench time due to employee availability or skills, and increasing regulatory compliance are only a few of the issues companies are facing today. Many of our work routines have dramatically changed forever.

Join us as we walk through actual use cases to address day-to-day operations with the AVEVA Mobile Rounds Solution.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Xperts on Tap: Increase Development Efficiency by Automatically Building Projects from PLC Applications

Many AVEVA applications interface with PLCs. Our goal is to minimize the engineering effort required to create your PLC, HMI and SCADA applications. Several cool tools are available which will automatically extract the Tags and Data Structures from your PLC programs and build the corresponding Tags and Objects in the AVEVA HMI and SCADA products.

Want to see how it works? Please join our Experts for this 30 minute webinar to examine 2 such scenarios.

Enabling IT/OT Convergence with the Unified Operations Center

The Control Room of 2020 is evolving and may look much different than what you have today.  AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center allows you to deploy an Integrated Command and Control Center to streamline manufacturing operations, minimize risk, and lower your total cost to operate.  Imagine having the tools to centrally visualize and manage every asset in your plant while simultaneously putting relevant data at the fingertips of your operators.  The perfect convergence of  IT (information technology) and OT (operations technology) worlds.   We’ll give you an overview of this new solution and a sneak peek of the future.

Quality & Compliance

Stone Technologies Discusses an MES Success Story – Mennel Millings

When Mennel Milling purchased a muffin plant from General Mills, they realized that they would not be able to maintain the custom LIMS and Downtime system the GM plant used to run production. They wanted a standard multi-plant approach and tighter integration with their new ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics. Stone Technologies worked with Mennel Milling to replace their inherited custom quality management and downtime systems and assisted Mennel Milling in creating a new LIMS using AVEVA’s Model-Driven MES, including Quality sampling, COAs (Certificate of Analysis) and Downtime tracking.

Visualization & SCADA

InSource Xperts on Tap AVEVA Historian Data Extraction

AVEVA Historian is a high-performance process database capable of storing huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial facilities.  AVEVA Historian combines advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface to ensure open access to your process, alarm, and event data.  It enables faster, more informed decisions while keeping your team fully informed on operational performance.

Asset Performance Management

Creating the Digital Twin for Cradle to Grave Asset Management

Imagine viewing your plant as a 3D model in real-time, monitoring performance and working problems right down to the equipment level, with access to not only SCADA process information, but also PLC logic, manual, P&ID drawings, past maintenance history all on a single application. That reality is happening today.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

InSource Xperts on Tap AVEVA Edge Overview

AVEVA Edge is a customizable HMI designed specifically for the embedded and OEM applications where a small footprint and cost effective price are paramount. The compact footprint and full feature set enable OEMs, machine builders and end users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for any industry.

Asset Performance Management

Build a True Digital Enterprise with AVEVA

This webinar overviews our Edge to Enterprise offerings. Learn how these AVEVA portfolio solution building blocks combine to create a true digital enterprise.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

InSource Xperts on Tap Overview of the DNP3 Protocol

Distributed Network Protocol 3 (DNP3) is a set of communications protocols used between components in process automation systems. Its main use is in utilities such as electric and water companies. It was developed for communications between various types of data acquisition and control equipment. It plays a crucial role in SCADA systems, where it is used by SCADA Master Stations (a.k.a. Control Centers), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).

Visualization & Supervisory Control

AVEVA Monitor & Control System Platform 2020 Top 5 Features

Discussion and demos of System Platform 2020, the distributed SCADA platform first introduced in 2003, with innovative Operations Management Interface (OMI) that is spearheading digital transformation initiatives with tools that simplify the integration of Operational and information technology platforms on the plant floor:
OMI – tools for digital transformation
Build Once, deploy anywhere
Lightning fast template deployment
AVEVA Flexes to Unlimited
Insight adds more business solutions

Visualization & SCADA

AVEVA Monitor & Control InTouch 2020 Top 5 Features

In Part 1, we dig into the top five commercial and technical features of InTouch 2020, complete with demos and analysis:

Cloud enabled shared graphics
New Communication Driver options
New Web and Mobile HMI
InTouch Unlimited
Modernizing legacy applications

Quality & Compliance

Back to Work Safety with IVC’s Therm_ID Body Temperature Scanning System

The Therm_ID lets you quickly screen for elevated body temperatures. It can be a valuable component of a comprehensive virus prevention strategy.
Detects elevated temperatures within ±0.5°F
Audible and visual alarms
Dual imaging thermal and optical cameras
Operates as a stand-alone, unattended kiosk

Workforce Optimization

Going Paperless Ensuring Employee Safety with Mobile Tools

In This Webinar you will learn:

• Digital employee screening and plant sterilization rounds in the event of a positive COVID-19 test

• Inline, real-time collection of offline product quality test data

• Equipment maintenance, preventive maintenance and equipment and process troubleshooting guides

Presenter: Barry Dickerson, Director of Strategic Business Development

Visualization & Supervisory Control

InSource Xperts on Tap: AVEVA Online Insight

In this webinar you will learn:

• Online Insight Product Overview
• Deep Dive
• How to Publish Data from InTouch
• How to Publish Data from Historian
• How to Publish Data from an I/O Server
• How to Create a Dashboard
• How to view data using the AVEVA Insight mobile app
Lewis Talley, InSource System Consultant

Operational Efficiency

Virtual Lunch & Learn Manufacturing IT Infrastructure Best Practices

In This Webinar you will learn:
• Industrial Thin clients
• Industrial Network Solutions
• Fault Tolerant Solutions from Stratus Technologies
• Camera and Video Systems from IV&C
• Industrial HMI Enclosures from Strongarm

Presenter: Glen Yancey & Ted Fleuhr

Workforce Optimization

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Mobile Computing

In This Webinar you will learn:
• Digital Operator Rounds – To reduce operational risk, digitize operations and meet compliance
• Easy to implement, adopt and achieve quick-time-to-value
• Safety-critical data available to those who need it quickly and records are clear and consistent
• Highlight and trend concerning data
• Operations and maintenance procedures
• Equipment diagrams, and operating history in the palms of their hands

Chris Self – Technical Solutions Architect – InSource
Ted Fluehr – Sr. System Consultant – InSource

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Xperts on Tap Webinar Series: AVEVA InTouch Scripting Overview

In this webinar you will learn:
• InTouch HMI Scripting
• An Overview
• Creating a script
• Using the Script Function Library
• Scripts in Industrial Graphics
Dillon Perera , System Consultant from InSource
Mario Meza, Tech Support Agent from InSource

Asset Performance Management

Virtual Lunch & Learn 3D Laser Scanning for Manufacturing Assets

In This Webinar you will learn:
• What is 3D laser Scanning
• How to capture and create virtual 3D environments of an operation
• AVEVA’s solution to collect, organize and manage engineering, maintenance and operational data on a single platform
• How to quickly and easily leverage 3D visualization to support a customer’s digital strategy

Operational Efficiency

AVEVA Insight: One Tool for Improving Production Throughput in the COVID Era

In This Webinar you will learn:
• What is Insight?
• Dashboarding
• How to Use InSight to increase Production

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Virtual Lunch & Learn Edge Solutions

Stratus ztC Edge – ztC Edge’s rugged form factor gives it the flexibility it to be deployed outside of traditional data rooms or data centers, such as on manufacturing plant floors. Its self-monitoring and self-protecting capabilities make it ideal for unmanned stations, or decentralized locations with limited resources.

AVEVA Edge – Unlock and harness the machine data from your embedded devices by installing AVEVA Edge directly on your devices and expose it via your existing System Platform or archive it in a cloud-based historian using Online InSight.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Xperts on Tap Presents: AVEVA Application Server Scripting

You will Learn:
• Application Server Scripting Overview
• Review Example Scripts
• Scripting editor
• How to use Relative References in scripts
• Using scripts within graphics
• Using .NET calls within scripts
• Linking to a SQL database
• Importing a custom .dll and using in a script

Ted Fluehr, System Consultant for InSource
Ron Tanner, Technical Solutions Architect for InSource

Asset Performance Management

Virtual Lunch & Learn Predictive Analytics Our latest tools

In This Webinar you will learn:
• Industry trends guiding decisions to proceed with predictive analytics
• How AVEVA’s predictive analytics solution differentiate from the competition
• Overview of the AVEVA Predictive Analytics functionality
• Use case examples

Presenter: Justin Thomas, Global APM and P&O Channel Sales Leader

Asset Performance Management

Virtual Lunch & Learn: What Else does AVEVA offer beyond SCADA? (MES,APM,EPC)

Section 1: Model-Driven MES – A work process-centric approach to the digital transformation in manufacturing operations

Section 2: Asset Performance Management

Section 3: Creating the Industrial Digital Twin

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Virtual Lunch & Learn What’s New from AVEVA the 2020 Releases

In This Webinar you will learn about  AVEVA’s cloud and mobile experience,  AVEVA™ System Platform 2020,  AVEVA™ Operations Management Interface (OMI),  AVEVA™ InTouch HMI 2020,  AVEVA™ Edge 2020.

John Krajewski, Product Manager, AVEVA
Tim Black, Global SI Program Director, AVEVA

Visualization & Supervisory Control

WIN-911: Remote Alarm Notification

Things you will learn:
• Push notifications let you quickly see what is wrong, send an acknowledgment, and monitor alarm condition changes in real-time, right from your smartphone.
• Chat helps your entire team converse, brainstorm, and share solutions on-the-fly, from wherever they are — whether in the plant, at home, or on the road.
• Team Visibility shows you who has seen an alarm as well as who has acknowledged it, reducing guesswork and redundant responses.
• Direct connects with all leading SCADAs/HMIs
• Multiple notification methods including voice, email, text, and Android/iOS app.

Presenter: Arish Rojas North America Channel Sales – Win911

Asset Performance Management

Hire a Remote Assistant to Keep Your Critical Industrial IT Systems Up and Running

Explore the InSource X0 Health monitoring solution. X0 Health is a managed service where a software application—installed at your plant in as little as 48hrs—continuously monitors your Wonderware applications and system hardware, identifies upset conditions, and with help of InSource experts, resolves potential issues before they manifest into real problems like software application errors or machine downtime events.