The Next Manufacturing Revolution: You’re not late.

There’s a lot of buzz about the fourth revolution of manufacturing. Most discussions highlight the exciting new capabilities in a “Digitized Factory”: advanced robotics, the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing (think 3-D Printing), etc. Some challenge us to change our production models for scale customization and regional trade models. The

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InTouch 2017 OMI is a Game Changer for Industrial Visualization. Pass the Orange Juice!

Here in Florida, one of the things that I see plenty of are oranges. Today, our Wonderware InTouch HMI solution is involved in every step of the process as the oranges are received, juice extracted, blended, cartons filled, labeled, pasteurized, and packaged for consumption to the distribution warehouse. Operators creatively use touch screens to navigate

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What on Earth is Prometheus?

Imagine a future where you can build complete process automation capabilities with the same high level tools and libraries you use today to build your HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and process Historians. Now imagine that when you first built your system, you used Rockwell controllers but now you’ve decided to switch

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Obsolescence Can Cause Downtime and Production Loss

Industries across the country receive thousands of end-of-life (EOL) notifications throughout the year. What are the possible consequences of these notifications? What are the risks involved in a delayed response when handling obsolescence? An industry average of approximately 20% of identifiable plant equipment is obsolete. Obsolescence, simply put, is the transition from availability from the

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A Simple Approach to Operational Excellence in Water and Wastewater

Whether you’re running control processes for a municipal water / wastewater facility on the edge of a metropolitan city, or in rural America, sharpening operational excellence is critical when you are under continuous public scrutiny, dealing with pending risks and penalties for lack of compliance with regulations. Naturally, one of the key themes to operational

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Digital Disruption with Microsoft Azure and Wonderware

You may have heard of the Internet of Things the growing network of devices that can connect, communicate and transfer data between one another. The same transformation is prevalent in the world of industrial manufacturing and automation through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The reduced cost of connectivity, the high volume of data from

Serialization Will Make a Difference!

For several years, I managed a beverage plant where we continually had issues with placing sugar products into non-sugar product containers. They were produced, packaged, and shipped to customers because of poor manufacturing practices. These product crossovers and manufacturing mistakes came from different sources; constant production schedule changes, production schedule variances between quality and production,

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Business Reports vs Industrial Reports – What’s the difference?

If you’re like most industrial report customers, you’re being pushed to deliver a report, likely due to some regulation. That can be EPA, FDA, or any of a slew of other agencies or recommenders of best practices. In many applications, reports are a requirement. We call those compliance reports. That’s true of water and waste

Simplify Wonderware Training with InSource Training Tracks

For some time now, we’ve been making it a part of our mission to help simplify life for our clients; “make the complex simple,” as we say. While we have room to improve, one thing we wanted to do was make training a little simpler. When clients come to our training web site, they are

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If a Disconnected PLC Runs the Wrong Program in the Field and No One Notices, Does It Still Create a Problem?

Ahh, the proverbial tree falling in the proverbial woods question…can something exist without it being perceived? Does the same question apply to a water company’s disconnected automation assets out in the field if the utility doesn’t know that there is problem with the device? That question can be answered quickly with a definitive “yes.” The