Digital Disruption with Microsoft Azure and Wonderware

You may have heard of the Internet of Things the growing network of devices that can connect, communicate and transfer data between one another. The same transformation is prevalent in the world of industrial manufacturing and automation through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The reduced cost of connectivity, the high volume of data from

Serialization Will Make a Difference!

For several years, I managed a beverage plant where we continually had issues with placing sugar products into non-sugar product containers. They were produced, packaged, and shipped to customers because of poor manufacturing practices. These product crossovers and manufacturing mistakes came from different sources; constant production schedule changes, production schedule variances between quality and production,

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Business Reports vs Industrial Reports – What’s the difference?

If you’re like most industrial report customers, you’re being pushed to deliver a report, likely due to some regulation. That can be EPA, FDA, or any of a slew of other agencies or recommenders of best practices. In many applications, reports are a requirement. We call those compliance reports. That’s true of water and waste

Simplify Wonderware Training with InSource Training Tracks

For some time now, we’ve been making it a part of our mission to help simplify life for our clients; “make the complex simple,” as we say. While we have room to improve, one thing we wanted to do was make training a little simpler. When clients come to our training web site, they are

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If a Disconnected PLC Runs the Wrong Program in the Field and No One Notices, Does It Still Create a Problem?

Ahh, the proverbial tree falling in the proverbial woods question…can something exist without it being perceived? Does the same question apply to a water company’s disconnected automation assets out in the field if the utility doesn’t know that there is problem with the device? That question can be answered quickly with a definitive “yes.” The

Our Water Supply Networks – Under Fire

Many local governments and municipalities are facing major challenges in their water supply networks. This is due to water shortages, economic constraints and ageing water supply networks. You don’t have to look far to find indicators of the condition of our water supply network. The number of current and anticipated pipe bursts and leaks offer

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Plan Your Energy Management Maturity Journey

Regardless of the industry your plant competes in, your plant leadership and operating departments have one thing in common: they’re being asked to cut expenses from an already tight operating budget. Most are also being charged with energy efficiency and sustainability mandates. That is a very challenging job since they already have the responsibility to

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How IIoT Might Fit in an OEE Strategy

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) in its fundamental form is not new to manufacturing; just replace the word “Internet” with “Intranet” and you get my point. We connect to industrial devices like PLCs and Control Systems, which are connected continuously to equipment, sensors, thermocouples, meters, etc. They control, monitor, and report information back to HMIs,

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Recipe Management: What Took Us So Long!

Sometimes an enhancement to life comes along and you say to yourself, “well, why in the world didn’t we think of that before?” Like adding wheels to luggage. It’s hard to think back now and picture how we traveled before luggage on wheels. My teammates at InSource and I have been consulting on recipe management

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The IIoT and Asset Management

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is being embraced as a major driver of growth and productivity. Logically, the integration of physical assets and information technology systems makes a lot of sense. Sending asset specific, machine generated data over the internet to data bases provides real-time granular information that enables enhanced modeling, analysis and decision

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