InSource Solutions + Giving Back

At InSource, we are guided by our Unifying Principles (UP) to Contribute, Serve, Build, and Care. We take these principles to heart as an organization and as individuals. Since 2012, Whitney Robertson, Ordering Processing Specialist in our Richmond, VA office, has organized a giving drive to help local Richmond families in need. In the past,

Whatever Happened To The Good Ol’ Days?

A company for years had celebrated great product volume, good customer recognition of product name, and a wide variety of diversity in product. Return on investments was good with great profit sharing to the employees and management team. Change didn’t happen for well over 50 years because the adage was if it’s not broke don’t

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InSource Helps Make it in Maryland

October 1, 2016 — College Park, MD — It was a rainy and cool Saturday as the University of Maryland Terrapins prepared to battle the Boilermakers of Purdue. InSource’s Ted Fluehr and Ann Croom were setting up to welcome the future of Maryland manufacturing. The Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP) and Regional Manufacturing Institute

Effective HMI Design Improves Production Quality

Real-Time and Historical “Decision Support” systems are key operational tools in manufacturing and industrial facilities. Automation has been proven to make a huge difference in operational excellence however, people and their ability to do the right thing makes all the difference in the world. In my last post Better Technology Skillsets Mean Improved Production Up-time,

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Better Technology Skillsets Mean Improved Production Up-time

When asked, most InSource clients say that their Manufacturing Information Systems (e.g. HMI, Historian, etc.) are business critical. In other words, if their Wonderware systems are unavailable, production suffers. So, better engineered systems and the skillsets to manage them become paramount in minimizing production under performance and improving the customer service levels your clients expect

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Inaccessible Data Creates Costs for Companies

While businesses across numerous industries are in a rush to adopt and deploy data analytics, these investments can actually hurt a company’s efficiency and profitability if this analytics plan is poorly designed or inconsistently executed. These may seem like obvious problems to avoid, but the complexity inherent to performing analytics effectively leads companies to push

Is Innovation Practiced in Your Organization? If Not, Why Not?

Imagine you are on your couch watching your favorite TV show when a car commercial appears spouting praises and accolades how superior innovation makes them number one in their industry. Now, when you hear the word innovation, what comes to mind? In my younger days, I thought of flying cars, robots cutting the grass for

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The Right Data for the Right Action

Accurate, timely, and useful data can mean the difference between poor and world-class manufacturing. The difference between satisfied customers and complaints. To ensure data-project success, companies must plan data use requirements. It is vital to understand the context in which data will be consumed throughout the facility and upward through the business. A company’s manufacturing

Take Advantage of Slow Times

During any given year, most any manufacturer’s experiences times when the production orders aren’t flying in and the plant feels the slowdown both physically and financially. It is during these times that those operational issues previously considered “minor” come to the forefront and are no longer considered “minor” because every widget or case or other

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It’s In To Be Thin

Replacing “thick” clients, such as a PC, can demand a high initial investment. Once set up, they can pay for themselves in a short period of time with many advantages that PC’s simply can’t provide. Most standard computing configurations include both software and hardware integrated into a standalone system. In an industrial setting, this computer

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