1. The Importance of Rounds

  2. Yes, Process Historian Data Needs Context…But How?

  3. Employee to Associate to Owner – Yes! But How?

  4. Fake News from Your Cloud Historian? Not a Chance.

  5. 3 Ways A Certificate of Analysis (COA) System is a Differentiator

  6. Things to Consider/Benefits of Developing Your Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  7. Certificate of Analysis (COA) – Your Competitive Edge

  8. Get Greater Results by Adding Continuous Improvement (CI) Training

  9. Magically Going Back in Time: New Wonderware Playback Feature

  10. How Much Does Downtime Cost Your Organization?

  11. Stay On-Premise…or Time to Move to the Cloud for HMI Software Development?

  12. Wonderware Auto Build Makes the DCS or HMI Decision Even Easier!