Software Toolbox helps end users, OEMs, and system integrators maximize their industrial automation results. This is achieved by providing a variety of software add-ins for all major HMI/SCADA platforms in the industry and development components, combined with the knowledge and experience with how to use them with other applications, and a proven track record of world-class technical support.


Some of the benefits from Software Toolbox include:

  • Regular product updates insure robust hardware compatibility which reduces risk -TOP Server is updated on a regular schedule3 times per year to insure users always have the functionality they need.
  • Single application reduces training costs and computing resource demands -With over 100 drivers and support for 1000’s of device types in a single application, training costs are lower than competing offerings.
  • Proven Reliability and performance insures operational goals are met -Wonderware System platform applications using TOP Server with over 100,000 tags in a single server and over 300,000 tags in the galaxy depending on TOP Server, on a 1 second scan have been running without fault since 2006.
  • Total support experience lowers implementation cost and risk -Users of TOP Server experience 80% fewer issues that require them to contact support than competing solutions, and when they do need help, they receive personalized attention from a team that is deeply focused on supporting Wonderware device integration.