Balance Risk, Cost and Asset performance for maximum return.

You could focus on keeping your equipment running at the lowest cost possible and not worry about the longer-term cost implications of current decisions.  Or, you could take a proactive approach and make a plan using the latest technology platforms for Asset Performance. Focus on having equipment ready when needed, but also making sure you evaluate the lifespan of the equipment, the operating costs, including energy, and have a strategic replacement process in place. Your innovation and digital transformation plan will provide ROI along the way.


What We Do:

  • Quickly assess where you are on your asset management journey.  Is your current approach reactive, preventative, condition -based, or predictive?  Or have you you already built a reliability-centered maintenance program and you’re are ready to optimize those operations financially?
  • Define an enterprise asset management strategy.
  • Establish the required foundational elements, like asset management software systems (EAM), that support success.  If you have a foundation already, ensure you have a dynamic foundation you can build upon to drives improvement activities.
  •  Use current technologies like AI and Machine Learning, to analyze massive data stores to find trends and cues that may indicate abnormal behavior leading to a failure and then leverage that information to improve long term asset health.
  • Create a Digital thread across your asset’s entire life cycle, bridging the gap between engineering, operations and maintenance


What makes us different?

Embedded Asset Performance Analytics

AVEVA Predictive Analytics Solutions

Pre-set conditions as well as variable machine learning focuses your attention on possible issues related to asset operations. Our tools augment existing traditional HMI alarm capabilities to highlight signals that may be missed by simple threshold alerts. Integrated Artificial Intelligence allows you to leverage Advanced Pattern Recognition and machine-learning to enhance asset life and reduce maintenance costs.

Artificial Intelligence Infused

AVEVA Predictive Analytics health check

AVEVA Predictive Analytics is used to monitor 15,000+ assets globally every day, from critical compressors and turbines to industrial vehicles.

One Scalable, Unified Platform for the entire Asset Lifecycle

Our unique asset-centric, relational database enables multi-discipline engineering & operations teams to execute design projects and then leverage that same asset model throughout the operations & maintenance lifecycle. These solutions can be utilized independently, or combined for maximum effect.  This minimizes the whole-life cost, including the operation, maintenance and replacement or disposal of each asset in the system.

Flexible Commercial Models

AVEVA Flex is the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.  Amazingly, our commercial approach allows unlimited scalability, unlimited IO, unlimited clients.  It provides complete transparency into your licensing estate, precision control over your software consumption, and flexibility to optimize software spend both in terms of how it is allocated and what it is used for in order to drive business growth and innovation.  Scale up as your business grows without incurring incremental costs.

Scott Lampe, Hendrick Motorsports

What we accomplished with a single system could have required four separate systems. The AVEVA solution also allows us to collect accurate performance and maintenance information to make informed decisions … this is priceless.

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