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An Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM) is the foundation of any maintenance strategy – Plan, Schedule, Execute, Optimize. and Track all maintenance work and activities.  Our solution not only gives tradesmen all the tools necessary to execute their work, but it includes a robust procurement and inventory management module, including MRP, Accounts Payable and a full Financial accounting module.  Our EAM is also powerful workflow management system.  Because it’s a single system, everyone is accessing the same data—data that is aggregated from a multitude of sources across the organization, from asset design to asset retirement and updated in real time.

This comprehensive tool allows you to dramatically improve:

  • Work Management.  Manage and plan incoming work requests, as well as automatically generate work from preventive maintenance programs. The planning function ensures that labor, materials, tools, drawings, subcontractor requirements, and safety information can be identified on work orders to support proactive maintenance activities.

  • MRO Inventory Management– Enable the control of a large number of unique and low-unit value items. The system automates the reorder process by recognizing calculated safety stock levels, replenishment lead times, and sophisticated “available-to-promise” logic based on expected receipts (open purchase orders) and issues.
  • Reliability. Failure & repair histories, including symptoms, the cause of failure, and action taken as well as energy usage, lifecycle costs, warranty records, purchase audit trails and more are all stored in the same system and can be easily reviewed and analysed by any department. In addition, indicators such as mean-time-between-failure and mean-time-to-repair reporting help  fine-tune processes.
  • Procurement. Minimize the cost of buying high volumes of MRO inventory items, and ensure that parts are available when needed. Fully automate the entire procurement process, including requisitions, purchase orders, expediting, receiving, quotations and contract, and invoice matching. Improve contract negotiation and vendor relationship management

InSource helps you clarify your maintenance strategy, collect the information necessary to analyze and optimize the effectiveness of that strategy while maintaining operational priorities. The result: maximized economic return on your industrial assets throughout it’s life-cycle.

What you need to know about our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

What does our EAM Solution do?

Comprehensive Solution that provides maintenance, procurement, and inventory management for asset intensive industries.  It supports the management of both maintainable and organisational entities, as well as tracking capital projects and related tasks and expenditures.





What makes our EAM solution Unique?

Combining world class EAM capability with powerful condition monitoring and management capabilities
can turn huge volumes of production data into actionable asset intelligence in real-time, enabling informed decision-making at every level of the production enterprise.  Electronic approval and EAM Workflow Approval routes are defined by the user, and can be based on both financial and functional rules.

How much does it cost? What type of ROI should I expect?

Rolling out an EAM system is a significant task.  Organizations with newly-implemented or updated solutions can experience first-year ROIs of anywhere from 25%-200%, but there are also less-tangible long-term benefits such as improved customer experience, greater employee accountability, increased operational efficiency and the mitigation of downtime risk.

Where is an EAM Solution typically used?

For large organizations with multiple sites such as utilities, airports, ports, rail and mining where assets provide the backbone of the business and reliability is paramount, EAM systems are the obvious choice. They’re the only tool that combines powerful maintenance and asset management capabilities with advanced features for lifecycle cost tracking and collaboration with all departments including  accounting, engineering and operations.

Dave Wiedenfeld, CF Industries

Because we were already automating maintenance planning in a big way, we had pretty heavy duty requirements. We found that the AVEVA EAM software had most of the functionality that we needed and also had the flexibility to develop custom applications and integration to support our business.

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