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Your Digital Transformation Hub

AVEVA Connect is a unified industrial software platform that spans your entire business – from engineering, design, and procurement to optimizing operations and production. This includes on-boarding and upskilling your people. Designed to drive business excellence across asset and operations lifecycles, this platform is helping to evolve the industries that power our world. 

Featuring the Ability to:

  • Connect your people to remove operational barriers and create a unified, empowered workforce.
  • Connect your asset and operations value chains to maximize return on capital and improve profitability.
  • Connect your processes to new capabilities such as machine learning, advanced analytics, early awareness, dashboards, and more.


AVEVA Connect brings together information from multiple sources and in multiple formats to enable users across your business to securely access, visualize, validate and collaborate on the Digital Asset data. AVEVA Connect automatically extracts and maintains tag-to-tag, tag-to-document and document-to-document relationships to provide efficient navigation of the Digital Asset and aid information discovery. It provides powerful search capabilities, delivering fast, effective location of project, operations and maintenance  information in one location.  Your digital transformation hub.

This ISO15926-compliant solution allows you to control, link, evaluate and deliver all types of data and documents – not just engineering information – in a secure environment, regardless of application and format. This ability to work with any kind of digital data, no matter where or in what format it was produced, (including “alternative” information such as scanned hardcopy, laser-modelled data and digitised photographs), is at the heart of the AVEVA CONNECT customer value proposition – and the reason why over 100 organisations around the world have deployed AVEVA CONNECT in both operational and design engineering roles.


Eric Scappazzoni, Manufacturing & Projects Division, Total

I strongly believe using Cloud OTS is really improving our operational excellence. It’s increasing the competency and reducing the risk of having accidents. And it seems that AVEVA is the only one who has the answer for this requirement.

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