Continuously Optimize Schedules for Reliability, Throughput & Quality

To fully optimize the value chain requires that supply chain Sales & Operations(S&OP) plans are feasible, based on actual plant conditions, across the entire manufacturing network, with execution that is dynamically optimized to balance business needs with operational constraints. Within the plants, manufacturing operations must be continuously optimized to minimize losses, in an agile worker-enabling system.  In short our Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system allows you to:

  • Plan: Create production plans that are feasible to meet business goals.
  • Optimize:  Optimize schedules for throughput, on-time completion, and costs.
  • Execute:  Execute on the plan to deliver on-time, in-full.




Our Advanced Planning System, working in conjunction with our MES system, enables agile, short-term production planning and flexible update schedules. It also improves supply chain visibility and decision support by updating enterprise business applications, such as ERP,  with production responses and KPIs in real time.



AVEVA’s unique Model-Driven MES, including production scheduling optimization, combines the traditional benefits of a manufacturing execution system with modern digital workflow management technology to bring people, organizations and processes together for increased efficiency as well as for capturing work processes and operational procedures in digital workflows and related user experience configurations (models).



What you need to know about our Advanced Planning Solution

What does our Advanced Planning Solution do?

Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution optimally allocates  raw materials and production capacity to meet demand.

What makes our Advanced Planning Solution Unique?

Traditional MRP systems plan Materials and Capacity separately, do not adjust for capacity or material constraints, and don’t create detailed work sequences that take setup time into account — leading to infeasible and inefficient plans.  Our APS solution, from PlanetTogether,  simultaneously plans based on available materials, labor and machine capacity, and automates the optimization of sequence-dependent production schedules. APS uses the commercial flexibility of AVEVA Flex, the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.

How much does it cost? What type of ROI should I expect?

Our APS solutions are modular and scalable.  They are available in multiple subscription combinations for both planning and scheduling starting @ $2000 / plant / month.  This does not include implementation services.  For that investment you can expect to cut planning time, save supervisor distractions, & align sales, planning, and operations by up to 50%.   In addition, you can cut inventory with JIT, lean out stock inventory, maximize output per hour and reduce labor costs by up to 20%.

How do I get started?

Implementing any APS system in manufacturing and
distribution is a tall order. [Download Implementation Guidebook]  If everything goes perfectly, you’re looking at a 2-3 month project.  That said, the transformation from spreadsheets to digital planning can create amazing returns via:

  • On-time delivery & Efficiency
  • Automated Planning
  • Streamlined Communications
  • Improved visibility to ship dates
  • Enabled What if scenarios for schedules, orders,
    customers, resources, costs, cash flow and other
    key metrics.
Bruce Hays, Vice President of Manufacturing, Johnson & Johnson

We now have a consistent tool for our planning and scheduling that is used by most of the departments, from supervisors, production planners, purchasing, IT staff, and management. More importantly, we’re delivering what we said we would, when we said we would.

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