Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the cloud

With the advanced analytics capabilities in AVEVA Insight, we are not only able to detect anomalies, but we are also able to predict future conditions, enabling process optimization.  By getting advanced warning of problems and automated diagnosis of these problems, it makes the worker more efficient and can help identify priorities to reduce OPEX and capital spend. The AVEVA Insight Analytics suite of options gives you the ability to operationalize analytics at scale.

How it Works

It all starts with data.  AVEVA Insight securely connects (Push Only) to virtually any Historian, MES, CMM, DCS, PLC, Sensor Gateway or IoT platform giving you a place to start.  Your data is hosted in the AVEVA Cloud and monitored 24x7x365.  You easily model your operational data including time series, events, and alerts data.  To connect to data, build a model and deploy into production takes most users less than an hour. Users then connect through a standard browser to access analytics (no install) using a secure and authenticated connection with configurable rights.


6 Industry Specific Use Cases

Our optional Advance Analytics module for Insight now delivers outcomes for the following 6 industry specific use cases within 30 days:

Process-oriented analytics for operations

  • Predictable Throughput. Identify optimal process conditions for a plant unit or area, and track current conditions versus target. Gain early notification if production throughput is slipping.
  • Reliable Quality. Eliminate costly production rejects and predict quality issues. Enable operators to adjust the production settings at the right time to realize consistent quality and avoid waste.
  • Energy efficiency. Reduce your carbon footprint and facilitate the insights for better energy use. Tightly monitor energy use to expose hidden costs.

Asset-based analytics for maintenance

  • Predictable Uptime. Minimize downtime due to unnecessary cleaning cycles by predicting the optimal time frame for cleaning or doing periodic maintenance of an asset.
  • Reducing downtime. Predict uptime and detect failures days, weeks or even months before they occur. Minimize production losses and realize higher production throughput to meet dynamic market demands.
  • Predictable Asset Life. Forecast remaining asset life and influence operations and maintenance costs and life cycle management. Make confident CAPEX decisions with data driven analytics.


Move Faster with InSource XO Solutions

In addition, InSource Solutions provides a series of managed services based on Insight called InSource X0 Solutions™. Our data solutions are completely agnostic to any SCADA or PLC control system. Our Edge Gateway devices are pre-engineered for optimized contextual data transfer of key information. Your X0 Downtime & X0 Historian data is  then stored in a secure cloud, viewable with any computer or mobile device. Our X0 Health monitoring solution delivers business and data continuity with remote health monitoring. InSource X0 Solutions™ are a complete step-by-step approach to improved operations.

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