Self-Service Creation of Anomaly Detection Models

When asset failure conditions are not well known, or just too complex to identify, users can leverage Guided Analytics to explicitly identify a group of tags to be monitored for anomalies.

  • The end user is Guided through the definition of the anomaly detection model, so that it can be configured after a few mouse clicks.
  • The group of tags is generally related to an asset but can also include tags outside the scope of the asset, like ambient conditions for example.
  • The system requires the definition of a period when the asset was behaving normally. This time frame will become the reference by which the AI model will learn about the asset’s normal behavior.
  • For more precise learning, the system allows the definition of a rule identifying when the asset is running, and its modes of operation (low, medium, high speed, batches, product, etc.).
  • Anomalies are automatically communicated as Insight News Feed items, with the identification of the tags mainly contributing to the anomaly.

In the end, you and your teams, can better manage your assets and improve operational performance. These AVEVA Insight Guided analytics plug-ins make it easy to catch anomalies to predict failure and therefore minimize downtime.  You will receive early warning of equipment issues and leverage AI in the cloud to learn from past data and understand the relationships between sensors. It is an invaluable next step in any digital transformation journey.


Move Faster with InSource XO Solutions

In addition, InSource Solutions provides a series of managed services based on Insight called InSource X0 Solutions™. Our data solutions are completely agnostic to any SCADA or PLC control system. Our Edge Gateway devices are pre-engineered for optimized contextual data transfer of key information. Your X0 Downtime & X0 Historian data is  then stored in a secure cloud, viewable with any computer or mobile device. Our X0 Health monitoring solution delivers business and data continuity with remote health monitoring. InSource X0 Solutions™ are a complete step-by-step approach to improved operations.

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