Digitally Transform your Standard Operating Procedures

A digital framework to model, execute, monitor and analyze industrial work processes and standard operating procedures for:

Key value drivers of AVEVA Work Tasks include:

  • Replacing inefficient Paperwork with a digital user experience and workflow automation
  • Empowering Workers to execute work and data collection tasks more efficient, collaborative and secure
  • Connecting Workers with orchestrated access to assigned tasks and related context information
  • Reducing noncompliance Risks and human error through procedural enforcement, data entry validation for triggering corrective actions and with a full audit trail
  • Continuously Improving processes and procedures with notifications and visibility into work execution issues and performance KPI’s

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AVEVA Work Tasks offers a configurable and sustainable solution for the digital transformation of work processes and replacement of paperwork or manual procedures for data collection. It enables a higher level of work task automation and work process efficiency while enforcing the compliant execution of standard operating procedures.

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