Transform into a proactive, data-driven company with AI

Digital transformations mature through 5 progression stages, according to the World Economic Form. Stage 3 is Advanced Analytics. Enabled through a partnership with Braincube, AI-based advance analytics help quickly crunch through historical data to uncover the optimal operating conditions at any time. The system then guides you to repeat the best results by helping you to understand the exact settings you should use in every single condition you’ve experienced.

“Operational data is transformational gold… A typical $250M CPG company generates over 1 Terabyte of operational data every day. This data volume is expected to double by 2025.”
IDC Research


Historically, we have programmed PLCs by setting hard control limits to achieve production results. These limits are determined from the initial design assumptions and programmer intuition at the time of implementation and can be more than a decade old. Changes are codified in the logic itself over time as major problems occur but largely traditional manufacturing relies on knowledgeable operators to run equipment efficiently once the initial design and implementation are complete. Unfortunately, this operator artisanal skill is rapidly being lost due to employee attrition. Furthermore, operator intuition can vary widely by operator with no way of discerning the true operating parameters of a piece of equipment or production system that result in the most efficient production.

Braincube offers a way to remove ambiguity and identify the ideal operating parameters and limits for productions systems using its proprietary machine learning technology that analyzes historical data from multiple data sources and creates a data driven digital twin. Once Braincube identifies the process variable parameters that affect production quality, efficiency or cost, then those can be documented and applied to these systems via new programming limits or proceduralized operator inputs. With the current worker shortage, companies can no longer afford to rely on transient operators and supervisors to run their processes efficiently. Braincube gives your organization a future proof path to continuous optimization.

A Path to  Continuous Optimization


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