The Modern Approach to Lean Manufacturing

Lean management is a proven practice for promoting continuous improvements that benefits an organization. It:

  • Drives organizations towards higher operational performance
  • Empowers employees with a new level of actionable and contextualized information
  • Promotes higher engagement and continuously improves effectiveness and productivity

The AVEVA Digital Lean Manufacturing (DLM) solution allows you to digitize traditional Lean practices.   This modular solution allows the technology to assist, not distract, from the cultural transformation.

adopt Lean practices without being a Lean expert


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Digital Lean Manufacturing (DLM) solutions have been adopted to a wide variety of industries, however our AVEVA DLM solution is purpose built for the discrete manufacturing environment. It is best applied and the ROI is most dramatic where production losses due to line speeds, scrap, or micro downtime are not obvious. Digital Lean is a perfect way to compare the performance over multiple plants, lines or teams.

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