Digital Lean: The Modern Approach to Lean Manufacturing

adopt Lean practices without being a Lean expert

Lean management is a proven practice for establishing a continuous improvement culture that drives organizations towards higher operational performance. Today’s technologies allow you to digitize traditional Lean practices. Now employees can be empowered with a new level of actionable, contextualized information that promotes even higher engagement and continuously improves effectiveness and productivity.

As compared to traditional Lean approaches, Digital Lean can double the savings in the areas of OEE, inventory reduction, labor productivity, plant logistics costs, plant output improvement as well as production time reductions.

In existing manufacturing plants, digitalization is all about aligning digital technologies with physical production and value-added processes. The great advantage of Lean practices captured in commercial, off-the-shelf software is the ability to quickly deploy and apply the standard practices of Lean, gaining benefits without being a Lean expert.


Our solution is modular allowing the technology to assist, not distract, from the cultural transformation so critical for Lean success.  The AVEVA Discrete Lean Manufacturing Solution (DLM) includes the most prominent Lean Practice that can be found in many industrial applications today:  Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) .  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for continuous improvement of plant asset utilization and operational effectiveness are made available in real time in addition to  digital dashboards for a visual factory, digital Andon, manufacturing intelligence for root cause analysis, and Kanban tools.


What you need to know about our Discrete Lean Solution

What does this Digital Lean Solution do?

Our suite of easy to use, configurable tools for the digitalization of Operation Management & Lean practices  enables paperless operations & data collection, performance visualization & evaluation, rapid response to production issues.  There are 4 modules, running on Edge HMI: 

  • Andon – Production issues notification, triggering fast response to prevent / reduce production loss
  • Performance – Capture utilization and production data for performance evaluation and analysis
  • Work Instruction – Paperless production work instruction, context-based training & production assistance
  • Work Order Management – Centralized production work order management, and line based production work order execution
How much does it cost? What type of ROI should I expect?

Digital Lean point solutions are available for as little as $35,000.  Complete programs start at $200k.  Our solutions are modular and scalable.  You can expect results like these:

What makes our Digital Lean Solution Unique?

The most critical and differentiating aspect of our Digital Lean solution is that it is a No-Code, Out-of-the-Box solution.  It is straight-forward to set-up and easy to configure, thus accelerating ultimate time to value.  In addition, we can incorporate adoption coaching and training on lean disciplines for a full service approach.  Our manufacturing experts make sure your teams understand the power of the information they are seeing and what actions to take as a result, taking us one step closer to perfection.

Where is Discrete Lean typically used?

Discrete Lean solutions have been adopted to a wide variety of industries, however  it is purpose built for the discrete manufacturing environment.  It is best applied and the ROI is most dramatic where production losses due to line speeds, scrap, or micro downtime are not obvious.  Digital Lean is a perfect way to compare the performance over multiple plants, lines or teams.

Sylvain Gire, Vice President, GSC Transformation-Industrialization at Schneider Electric

AVEVA software solutions provide tremendous value to Schneider Electric factories, we are beginning to see productivity, up time and efficiency improvement. We’re eager to accelerate this deployment to our other remaining sites.

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