How Much Does Downtime Cost Your Organization?

Across the spectrum of industries, one thing all companies agree on is that the cost of unplanned downtime is quite substantial. The vexing question is how much?
Surprisingly, a survey of operations people found that 71% of respondents admitted their company is not tracking downtime cost with any quantifiable metrics. That means most companies won’t know what an outage costs until it occurs and by then it’s too late to prevent such an incident.



Savvy businesses are keenly aware of how unplanned downtime could impact their businesses. A recent TechValidate survey identified the five biggest cost factors from unplanned downtime:
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Damage to Brand and Reputation
  • Loss of Data
  • Non-Compliance
Calculate what downtime is costing you:

What you need to know about our Business Continuity Solution

What does this Business Continuity Solution do?

Our highest availability architectures leverage Stratus Fault Tolerant computers. They are purpose built to provide 99.9999% availability. By contrast, conventional technologies like clustering and virtualization-based HA do not prevent downtime, but rely on recovering from hardware or software failures. Our solution prevents the downtime of your critical business applications, ensuring continuous availability, even when your underlying hardware components fail. 




What makes our Business Continuity solution Unique?

For hardware failures, our solution self-monitors and detects which parts have failed and uses a unique service architecture to “phone home” and have parts automatically dispatched for easy user replacement. So in fact these solutions provide quick and easy failure prevention.

Mark Jancowski, SCADA Coordinator, Pinellas County

The SCADA system doesn't go down. Nor does the Stratus server. You couldn't ask for a simpler, basically, maintenance free system.....My stress levels professionally and personally have dramatically decreased.

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