The Process-Centric Approach to Operations

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) ensure that all facets of an operation — materials, people, processes, and equipment — act in concert, securely, and in compliance with industry, customer, and product specifications. Our unique Model Driven Approach allows you to easily:

  • Track the transformation of products from raw materials to finished goods
  • Monitor production quality according to  specifications
  • Analyze resource and asset utilization. This assures that operators, supervisors, managers, and other decision makers have timely information to effectively manage the order flow and take corrective actions to keep quality and performance under control.
  • Standardize information flows and processes across inventory, production, and quality operations.
  • Integrate your ERP as well as other critical business applications to your manufacturing plant operations.


Our MES system enables agile, short-term production planning and flexible update schedules. It also improves supply chain visibility and decision support by updating business applications with production responses and KPIs in real time.



AVEVA’s unique Model-Driven MES approach combines the traditional benefits of a manufacturing execution system with modern digital workflow management technology to bring people, organisations and processes together for increased efficiency as well as for capturing work processes and operational procedures in digital workflows and related user experience configurations (models).


What you need to know about our MES Solution

What does our MES Solution do?

Our MES solution is a scalable application with broad manufacturing management functionality ranging from performance optimization to inventory, production and quality operations management.

What makes our MES solution Unique?

We use a work process-centric approach to the digital transformation of manufacturing operations. Standardization of processes helps ensure more consistent production results. It equips your central engineering group to build process models as base templates to reduce your total cost of ownership when MES is deployed across multiple plants or used as an enterprise standard.

MES uses the commercial flexibility of AVEVA Flex, the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.

How much does it cost? What type of ROI should I expect?

We use COE libraries, which significantly reduces the effort, compared to traditional multi-site MES deployments.  Significant results can be achieve for investments as low as $100k. Our solutions are modular and scalable. 30% improvement in quality; 30% improvement in equipment uptime and 20% improvement in overall OEE are good targets.

Where is MES typically used?

An MES becomes the ideal choice for a complex production process with multiple variations and massive number of transactions. Food & Beverage, Consumer and Industrial products are ideal.

Vicente Olivo-Espinosa, Director of Information Solutions, Maple Leaf Foods

We understand that when you add digital technology to help people execute their work, there will be a change in the way of working,” he said. “New ways of working will be coming, new ways of running operations and new ways of engaging customers.

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