The big picture makes a difference.

We all know that high quality manufacturing begins long before inspection.  But with the right culture, processes and technology, you can make high quality inevitable.


At InSource Solutions, we can help your manufacturing company connect the dots so the people involved know why they are performing a specific test or following an established work process and how it relates to overall quality, compliance and customer satisfaction. We’ll help you:

  • Collect the right data and present it to the right people to create engagement.
  • Ensure you have the right tools for analyzing and improving quality of products and services.
  • Ensure you are reviewing the right key performance indicators (KPI) on a routine basis.
  • Relate those KPIs to the day-to-day actions of your personnel to reinforce their crucial role in sustaining and increasing quality.

Your quality system will need to be personalized for your environment.  By using off-the-shelf quality tools that plug into an overall industrial automation framework, you dramatically save on long-term maintenance and data engineering.

What makes us different?

Supports Quality Management Systems

Every organization needs a framework and set of standards for managing processes. ISO provides international standards for deploying quality processes.  Our products and managements systems support your overall Quality Management System (QMS).

Integrated Process & Product Quality

The more data you have about your processes, the better you can enhance them. Knowing and managing the set points of the processes and managing them in as close to real time as possible will help minimize potential exposure.  Then put sampling plans and samples, testing plans and tests and the associated recording and reporting systems in context to improve process and product quality. 

Plan for Quality, then Execute to Plan

When you plan for quality, you reduce the amount of first pass quality losses, which leads to a reduction in waste and customer complaints.  We provide data to assist in planning and in execution. We’ll incorporate Statistical Process Control, Recipe, Batch and procedural process execution controls to ensure you are staying on track.  These include Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Design of Experiments (DOE) and Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

Real-time Identification of Defects and Defectives

We can correlate in-line quality results and lab results for the ultimate high level quality view.  Even with the best planning, defects and defectives can occur. As you immediately take action to address these issues, having the operators classify the type of issues they are encountering in real time goes a long way toward solving problems. Assignable Cause/Corrective action is an effective way to keep operators involved in the details of what affects quality.

James Shadrick, Rich Products

It took us 22 years and four failed stand alone SPC system deployments before we finally started integrating our process and product quality management tools into how our people actually worked. Since we did that and aligned expectations to Voice of Customer, we’ve seen amazing results.

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