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A successfully run organization stays successful by meeting the needs and requirements of customers. In the course of normal business cycles, customer needs will change and the best companies often meet these new needs by supplying Certificates of Analysis.  COAs are defined as “documents issued by Quality Assurance that confirm a regulated product meets its product specification. They commonly contain the actual results obtained from testing performed as part of quality control of an individual batch of a product.”  Our CoA system delivers in 3 distinct ways:
  • Material Validation and Documentation – Today,  validation means “Prove it, scientifically” and documentation, “if it is not documented, it was not done.” A COA addresses both of these by capturing the exact test conditions, test parameters, customer specifications or requirements, and actual results for a specific lot or batch of product.
  • Improved Information Management – By digitizing an often paper-based system, you can now analyze the data to find trends or improvement opportunities within your own processes.  In addition, employees no longer spend endless hours tracking and fulfilling COA requests. Customers can login to a portal on a website and request the documents themselves.
  • Improve Information Sharing – Internally, data from the COAs can be digitally shared among various departments, such as operations, quality, and account managers streamlining communications. Each individual department can analyze the data for their specific use.

Designed for medium to large businesses with multiple facilities, our CoA solution is part of an enterprise quality management system that manages all aspects of the transfer of product from design and development (design history files) to manufacturing (batch and device history records), including the creation and management of

  • Test Methods, Inspection, Testing, and Re-Testing
  • Test Plans Product Quality States
  • Process Monitoring (SPC) Data Mining and Analysis

What you need to know about our Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Solution

What does our CoA Solution do?

Our Certificate of Analysis solution leverages real-time production data and integrates lab data to create a document that confirms  a regulated product meets its product specification. The resulting system contains the actual results obtained from testing performed as part of quality control of an individual batch of a product.




What makes our CoA solution Unique?

If you supply product to the food & beverage, chemicals, or pharmaceutical industries, you also need to comply with various governmental regulations.  By integrating real time data into your documentation, work in process can be decreased since you don’t need to account for production inefficiencies and the risk of violating government or industry compliance diminishes greatly.


Christopher Lemp, President, MAP Engineering

"The real work is not in producing the CofA, but rather in planning on how to get and organize the data to facilitate the reporting. That's where most companies need and appreciate the guidance."

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