Manufacturers are getting it done in the face of covid-19 pandemic

Manufacturers have always had a mandate to operate safely and productively.  Today, in the midst of a world health crisis those skills are in great demand.  Several innovations to our standard tools have allowed companies to continue to set high standards for protecting employees, families and communities while creating products essential to our daily lives.

In as much as this now appears to be the new normal, let’s get to work using these innovations.

COVID-19 Operation Workforce Optimization Tools

Body temperature detection camera: 

A thermal and optical fixed camera that can identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. The camera is specifically designed for measuring body temperatures.  It consistently provides temperature readings with an accuracy of within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit [IVC]

Integrated Mobile Health Checks: 

Our workflow & workforce optimization solutions are designed to easily establish and reinforce operating standards of any type.  These tools can be easily configured for daily employee health checklists during a pandemic.  After the crisis, the same environment is perfect for operator & leader standard work.

Paperless Operations

Our tools are used for eliminating paper for work requests, standard work instructions or data capture workflows.  By gathering data of all types digitally at the point of entry, we promote efficiency and transparency of critical operations information.  Paperless operations are also safer since they dramatically reduce the possibility of transfer of surface contaminants.


Remote Management

AVEVA Insight is a cloud-based data collection platform that enables users to access critical information they need to do their jobs from anywhere.  During the COVID pandemic, it has become a critical tool for operators, engineers as well as supervisory personnel to remotely monitor and manage their facilities from 2 miles or 2000 miles away.

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