The Single Source of Truth across an Asset’s Lifecyle


Intuitive Access to Your Digital Twin from Design to Production


AVEVA Asset Information Management turns data from multiple information sources and systems into trusted actionable insights, identifying and cross-referencing all the relationships between equipment, documents, drawings, and various data formats. This structure enables users across businesses to securely access, visualize, validate, and collaborate on the Digital Twin data.  It accelerates information discovery and links distributed teams to a common data asset via one unique application. The solution facilitates better decision-making based on data to optimize project schedules, operational performance, and safety while reducing risk.





A Killer App for Maintenance

Improve Reliability and Availability of Your Physical Assets

Traditional APM combines IT data (like historical work orders) and OT data (like machine sensor data) with big data analytics to define a course of action that will improve reliability and availability of physical assets and increase return on asset investment.  AVEVA Asset Information Management adds a visual asset information layer (asset models, P&ID information, drawings, laser scans, etc.) to APM and uses navigable 2D and 3D models to visualize “living” digital twins of equipment, machinery, and processes. The result is 1D, 2D, and 3D navigable visualizations of equipment and plants integrated with real-time data and analytics that teams can assess, for example, to virtually inspect asset health and see how the business is operating in real time.

This ISO15926-compliant solution allows you to control, link, evaluate and deliver all types of data and documents – not just engineering information – in a secure environment, regardless of application and format. This ability to work with any kind of digital data, no matter where or in what format it was produced, (including “alternative” information such as scanned hardcopy, laser-modelled data and digitized photographs), is at the heart of the value proposition – and the reason why over 100 organizations around the world have deployed AVEVA Asset Information Management in both operational and design engineering roles.

The maintainable digital twin is a “killer app” for maintenance, sitting at the top of the food chain for APM. It presents a living digital copy of the physical asset, delivering highly efficient and effective decision support capability for operations environments.

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