THE Cloud Platform for Operations & Asset Management

Insight combines AVEVA’s leading operations management and asset performance technologies into one easy-to-use cloud-based solution, enabling your teams to collaboratively manage your operations and assets from anywhere, at any time. Fast to get started and simple to manage, the time to value is reduced dramatically


A Full Range of AI Infused Analytics

With the rise of remote working, your team must be empowered to make agile decisions and transform operations with quick access to actionable information. Insight is where the human experience meets artificial intelligence in the cloud. Capabilities range from Automated Analytics where the system automatically makes inferences from the data and notifies you accordingly to sophisticated Advanced multi-variant models and expert systems.

Move Faster with InSource XO Solutions

In addition, InSource Solutions provides a series of managed services based on Insight called InSource X0 Solutions™. Our data solutions are completely agnostic to any SCADA or PLC control system. Our Edge Gateway devices are pre-engineered for optimized contextual data transfer of key information. Your X0 Downtime & X0 Historian data is  then stored in a secure cloud, viewable with any computer or mobile device. Our X0 Health monitoring solution delivers business and data continuity with remote health monitoring. InSource X0 Solutions™ are a complete step-by-step approach to improved operations.

Built upon AVEVA’s Insight platform, all X0 Solutions offers a secure, managed cloud solution for collecting, storing, and visualizing process and performance data. View your data from anywhere on any HTML 5 capable device. If there should be any loss of internet connection to the internet the data is stored and sent back to the cloud when an internet connection is reestablished. All of your data is retained and nothing is lost. All InSource X0 Solution subscriptions also include a health and wellness program. Health checks are done on-line, which enable us to take the pulse of your entire system. Upgrades to software can be done online, and any hardware that is outdated or needs replacing will be taken care of for you. Our X0 Adoption Coaching  insures your team uses the information at their fingertips to improve operations. We take care of your data, so that you can take care of business.


What you need to know about our Insight Cloud Platform

Unlock Critical Data

Access contextualized data from multiple sources in a single cloud environment to gain operational insights anywhere, any time.

In addition our Insight platform leverages the commercial flexibility of AVEVA Flex, the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.

Increase Collaboration

Empower the connected worker and break down silos with a single source of truth and customized alerts for better, faster decisions.

Drive Operational Performance

Fully understand your operations with a digital twin that combines corporate and operational KPIs to discover efficiency gains.

Improve Asset Reliability

Gain asset performance insights and respond to anomalies earlier with artificial intelligence and powerful analytics.