AVEVA Edge HMI (formerly InTouch Edge HMI) is an easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable HMI/SCADA software and IoT/Industry 4.0 solution for PCs, industrial panels, embedded & mobile devices.   An open-standard based architecture, designed from the ground up with security in mind.  Our upgraded Unified Development Environment allows you to develop once and deploy and run your application anywhere. The inclusion of native support for Industrial Graphics, leverages consistency across the portfolio.

Our current Edge products are 100% compatible with previous versions, protecting your investments over time.


What you need to know about our Edge Computing Solution

What does this Edge Computing Solution do?

Our Edge HMI is mobile and can be integrated in almost any architecture.  Native MQTT Sparkplug B interface (EoN), efficiently shares configuration (tags structure) and data (VTQ) in a publisher/subscriber model.  We support 200+ protocols and standards as well as native interface with SaaS AVEVA Insight for integrated cloud analytics.

What makes our Edge Computing solution Unique?

AVEVA is the only industrial automation software solution provider that can provide everything from edge computing & analytics, to complete edge device monitoring, control & management at the HMI, SCADA, and Enterprise levels, making it easy to scale production up, or down, as business conditions change, and optimize production capacity as the business grows.  Our Edge solutions leverage the commercial flexibility of AVEVA Flex, the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.


Where is Edge Computing typically used?

Our edge platform is an important part of the automation and visualization strategy for all vertical industries and all applications.

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What about reporting?

AVEVA Insight enables users of all levels and experience to access the critical information they need to do their jobs.  AVEVA Insight is both vendor and system agnostic meaning you can bring in all your operational and production data, including from IIoT and Edge devices.

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