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InSource Solutions is revolutionizing the way data is collected, stored, utilized and maintained with InSource X0 Solutions™. Our data solutions are completely agnostic to any SCADA or PLC control system. Our Edge Gateway devices are pre-engineered for optimized contextual data transfer of key information. Your data is stored in a secure cloud, viewable with any computer or mobile device.  Our health monitoring solution delivers business and data continuity with remote health monitoring. InSource X0 Solutions™ are a complete step-by-step approach to improved operations.

Shift to a Cloud-First, Mobile-First World

What if you could visualize your key operating metrics and alerts on your phone? Or your watch? Anywhere, anytime? Built specifically for the needs of business users and managers, X0 Historian allows quick & easy get access to data for more informed business decisions without requiring knowledge of tags, hierarchies or system configuration.

Through its rich desktop, web and native mobile clients, X0 Historian makes relevant operational data readily available to anyone across your enterprise in a way that is easy to access, consume and analyze. The Newsfeed feature leverages pattern detection technology to highlight unusual data behavior automatically. So if a cycle time takes longer than normal or a temperature is outside of the typical range, it is brought to your attention. X0 Historian can send key data to a mobile device where users can access KPIs on the go and create personalized alerts. Do you want to know when the line has stopped for more than five minutes? What about a critical asset that is in a high temperature state? Simply ask the question and get the answer.

Built upon AVEVA’s Insight platform, all X0 Solutions offers a secure, managed cloud solution for collecting, storing, and visualizing process and performance data.  View your data from anywhere on any HTML 5 capable device.  If there should be any loss of internet connection to the internet the data is stored and sent back to the cloud when an internet connection is reestablished.  All of your data is retained and nothing is lost. All InSource X0 Solution subscriptions also include a health and wellness program. Health checks are done on-line, which enable us to take the pulse of your entire system.  Upgrades to software can be done online, and any hardware that is outdated or needs replacing will be taken care of for you.  Our X0 Adoption Coaching  insures your team uses the information at their fingertips to improve operations.  We take care of your data, so that you can take care of business.

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What you need to know about our Cloud Historian Solution

What does our Cloud Historian Solution do?

Are you looking for a weekend data collection Project? Yes we can literally standup a Historian project in 48 hours, and we have. What normally would take 3 months to deploy has been done in 2 days.

What makes our Cloud Historian solution Unique?

The most critical and differentiating aspect of the InSource X0 Solution™ is the incorporated adoption coaching. Our manufacturing  & IT experts make sure your teams know the power of the information they are seeing and what actions to take as a result.

How much does it cost? What type of ROI should I expect?

InSource X0 Solutions are commonly 1/5 the cost of traditional standard solutions. You save on software development, installation and on-going support. All InSource X0 Solutions are subscription based, making it easier to get started and easier to budget.  Bottom line, InSource X0 Solution projects are lower cost and quicker to deploy.

Where is a Cloud Historian typically used?

Because InSource X0 Solutions are incredibly scalable, you can place our solutions in one facility or spread across your entire enterprise and still have one portal. It is a one stop shop for all your data. Start small and grow.

Mike Lanza, Technical Director, C-Care

The InSource solution is a great way to dip your toe into data acquisition. It's a low capital entry point. And it's a very intuitive user interface so that you don't have to be an expert expert on aggregating all this data and doing the analysis on your own. So really, it's it's a simple way to get into proper data trending and analysis.

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