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For years, HMI’s have kept processes running and notified plant operators or managers when there are issues. Today, the modern control room is transitioning from managing the machine or the process to managing the business. Information silos are eliminated. Users have the ability to address a situation in real time, or even before a problem occurs. There is “one version of the truth” that empowers manufacturers to proactively reduce energy, improve efficiency and asset utilization, raise quality standards, insure compliance and ultimately increase profitability. Attributes of the modern control center include:

  • Sophisticated Graphics & Intuitive Real-time Operational Dashboards
  • Financial Content
  • Proactive & Predictive Asset Analytics
  • Engineering Information
  • Energy Management

What you need to know about our Unified Operations Center (UOC) Solution

What does a UOC Solution do?

AVEVA Unified Operations Center is the foundation for real-time operational performance management for infrastructure and process industry companies by providing closed-loop enterprise-wide visibility to optimize assets and operations.

What makes our UOC solution Unique?

Our offering is one of a kind.  The real value is the ability to access multiple sources of data from within one portal.  From a central point, being able to access P&IDs, SOPs, Electrical Drawings, Maintenance Manuals, even 3D images , ll contextualized with the SCADA to be able to present this data to the user without having to exit the system and find these documents on their own.

Where is a UOC typically used?

Although it can be applied for any centralized environment, AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center addresses several use specific cases across industries, such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Smart Cities, and Mining.  For example, city governments can manage complex Standard Operating Procedures, reduce response times to crises, and troubleshoot problems effectively with integrated command and control of critical infrastructure, buildings, data centers, airports, bridges, tunnels and railways….all from one unified system.

Flexible Commercial Model

AVEVA Flex is the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.  Amazingly, our commercial approach allows unlimited scalability, unlimited IO, unlimited clients.  It provides complete transparency into your licensing estate, precision control over your software consumption, and flexibility to optimize software spend both in terms of how it is allocated and what it is used for in order to drive business growth and innovation.  Scale up as your business grows without incurring incremental costs.

Michael H. McCain, CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

The world we live in is facing profound social and environmental challenges, as we seek to sustainably feed a burgeoning global population.....leveraging the new digital world in logistics and workplace.

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