your workforce has changed and will continue to evolve.

Repetitive task work is out. Technical skills, communication skills and problem-solving skills are in.

In the past, the average manufacturing worker focused on simply “doing” (and not thinking about) a specific task. It was fairly easy to find and replace workers. Managers could increase or reduce the labor force as needed.

Today’s modern environment has created new knowledge and skill requirements within the workplace. The workforce optimization process is an integral part of the supply chain that drives a manufacturing company’s business strategies, defines their culture and improves their bottom line. Advances in computers and robotics have decreased the need for human labor, while the need for employees with high technical skills, communication skills and problem solving skills has increased.  Ironically, many factories have highly automated production machinery but very paper-intensive business processes.  At the same time, companies are under pressure for more rapid product introductions, adaptation to changing market conditions and continuous improvement to optimize costs, quality and efficiency.

Here’s what InSource can do:

  • Determine where you are in your Workforce Optimization journey
  • Establish the required foundational elements that support success
  • Provide Workforce Optimization technology that accelerates efficiency and engagement
  • Quickly gain information, which can be converted to actionable data for better decision support

What makes us different?

Digital at the Point of Entry

Digital at the point of entry means greater effectiveness and efficiency in operations.  As productivity increases, turnover goes down, and barriers to further productivity are reduced. With workforce systems in place, workforce investments are optimized and risks minimized.

Better Communications Built in

How long does it take front-line workers to access information they need to do their job timely and effectively today? Connected workers feel empowered and productive and part of a larger team.  Digital workforce optimization solutions improve communications while simultaneously boosting compliance and safety.

Increased Business Process Accountability

Good intentions are not enough.  A digital connected worker system gathers data to evaluate efforts and quantify successes.  Our system helps you ensure that you’re measuring what matters by embedding the most effective KPIs.

Raised Employee Satisfaction

WO solutions ensure better trained employees. By utilizing electronic procedures, workflows & shift handovers, employees will be more successful and thereby more satisfied.   By devoting more community or regional resources to adequately training people, the pipeline of qualified applicants will expand to support business growth and generational knowledge transfer is improved.

Josh Humphreys, AW North Carolina

The problem with the old paper forms was that we didn't know if they were using it right or wrong. If there was nothing on it, obviously they weren't using it. Or the line was running perfectly. We had no idea which. So now we're able to understand how they using our system. And are they confirming the data as we go.

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