Digital at the Point of Entry

On every industrial site, there is a stream of important operations, maintenance and safety events occurring at all levels. Unfortunately, time consuming methods such as paper, word processors, spreadsheets and homegrown applications are being used to log these events. The Operator Logbook is a common example.  This traditional and time honored method is time-consuming and contributes to organizational risk and inefficiencies.  There’s a better way.

Electronic or Digital Logbook solutions are powerful tools in any industrial process environment. They enable you to:

  • Capture human observations digitally at the point of entry thus improving accuracy and saving time.  More reliable, validated site information improves compliance and  safety of our workers.o:
  • Supervise & Review – Supervisors can issue instructions and see that they are followed precisely. Information is summarized and organized to make it easier for manager review and informed decision making.
  • Automate entries -Information from other data sources, such as the Wonderware Historian, can be integrated into the historical data record and are also available to trigger actions.
  • Communicate More Easily -Rich real-time information can be used in handovers, as well as in procedures like start-ups, in permits etc. Since the solution is mobile, field operations can be connected to the rest of the team in the control room.  All have complete control and visibility over inspections. Data entered into operator logbooks is available to the rest of the enterprise via our Edge to Enterprise framework.
  • Maintain Data Standards – Engineering/IT is able to use a single, intuitive spreadsheet-style designer to control every aspect (i.e. content, calculations, workflow, communications, presentation etc.) in every worksheet across the organization.


What you need to know about our Electronic Logbook Solution

What does this  Electronic Logbook Solution do?

E-Logbook or Operator Logbook Solutions minimize the manual effort required by control room operators to document observations and responses to events. It enables streamlined shift hand-overs. Events and instructions are stored as structured records that can be audited for improved compliance and events analysis.




What makes our Electronic Logbook solution Unique?

Our advanced workflow capabilities allow you to standardize all types of data. It ensures consistent formatting, structure and content entry. Human observations and incident responses are easily shared across departments and operations personnel.  The automated and efficient data entry reduces employee workload. Fast search and filtering allows data analysis by all.


Shawn Connolly, Chief Operator, City of London WWTP

I like the fact that I don't have to write everything down 50 times. I'm able to, isolate and search for what I want. The information seems to be there quicker. I'm not going in a pumping station or pollution plant blind anymore. At the beginning of my shift, I can actually search all the information and I can see what the previous crews or the staff has done.

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