Shift after Shift like Clockwork

In many industries, supervisors and plant floor operators operate “in the dark.” They document their daily activities using paper operations logbooks and shift logs. They communicate important instructions and procedures verbally. When shifts are over, this information, which is a critical part of the shift handover process, is often lost.


Extending digitization to shift communication

In order to achieve shift excellence on every shift an operations management system is needed to systematically gather important information necessary for coordinating activities across shifts and teams. Industrial research has shown the importance of implementing structure with operations in the form of structured logs and checklists. However, an estimated 80 percent of the world’s industrial operations still lack a structured approach to shift operations and handovers. This lack of structure dramatically increases the likelihood for missing critical information and misunderstandings occurring. These misunderstandings and missed information can sometimes have disastrous results.

Mobile technology combined with digital work instructions, standing orders and Operator logbooks now allow a seamless transition to the digital world.

InSource has been leading the way, in helping manufacturers achieve shift excellence thus increasing productivity while also reducing risk.


What you need to know about our Shift Excellence Solution

What does our Shift Excellence Solution do?

Companies use Shift Handover solutions to improve shift to shift communication resulting in improved efficiencies, reduced errors and duplications as well as reduced risk of any potential hazardous incidents.




What makes our Shift Excellence solution Unique?

Our Shift Handover solution includes manual data as well as data from automated systems.  It is mobile & digital, eliminating paper, spreadsheets and scattered Databases.  Our advanced workflow capabilities make it the perfect tool for optimizing most industrial work environments.


Shawn Connolly, Chief Operator, City of London WWTP

I like the fact that I don't have to write everything down 50 times.....At the beginning of my shift, I can search all the information and I can see what the previous crews or the staff has done. Instead of just going there and saying, why is this tank out of service? Before I had to go to the remote location and read the local logbook. Now I can be in my office and see this tank was out of service. I can see they had issues with it and what they did.

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