Are SPC charts mainly used as wallpaper around your organization? Do you recognize that they can be a powerful tool if used correctly? Want to learn how SPC can be part of your quality management system?

Control charts are graphical representations of the variation of a process’s critical characteristics over time, in order to control critical process characteristics; control the operation/process; identify special cause variation; and monitor CTQ characteristics.

The SPC charts are used to prevent non-quality; to keep track of the process performances; and to maintain improvements. SPC is a basic tool to monitor and improve variation in a process; detect special cause variation; and gives a glimpse of ongoing process capability and is a visual management tool.

Target Audience

  • Quality engineers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Manufacturing engineers


At least one attendee from each company should have a laptop with the trial (or full) version of Minitab loaded on it. Licensing available from InSource.


1 day


Classroom, Onsite, Online



Learning Objectives

  • How SPC charts integrate into an overall quality management system
  • How to select and use the correct control chart
  • How to establish control limits
  • Establish rules for out of control occurrences
  • How to gather data, construct a control chart, and continue monitoring a process

Course Content

  • Introduction to SPC
  • Understanding SPC
  • Selecting the Right Chart
  • Interpreting SPC Charts
  • Creating SPC Charts
  • Sustaining SPC Charts