With summer already upon us, one idea for staying cool is to take some time to equip yourself with the latest knowledge by attending one of our training courses (in an air-conditioned room of course).  In fact, why not make it a “Learn-cation”.  Depending on personal preference, you might want to combine training with a vacation trip to Florida, where we offer regular classes in the Tampa area. You may also choose to escape the heat and head north to visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in Maryland, where activities are plentiful every evening! And there’s always the restful lake community of Davidson, North Carolina. Or Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with a rich history and tons of art and historical museums to explore for a blended climate.

Whichever climate choice suits you for the summer, take the opportunity to reflect on what knowledge is necessary to make you, your team, and your organization successful, long term. Unlike some areas, anyone in the technology sector has to constantly be investing in knowledge acquisition to keep up and stay competitive. With the rise of newer trends like Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, IIoT, and Asset Performance Management, we all should be leveraging these by integrating them into our existing strategy if we’re going to remain relevant over the next 20 years.

From our previous newsletter, we included the picture below from TSIA (technology service industry association) and we wanted to point it out again since it paints such a clear picture for how training can impact us from solution/product usage to enabling more independent work. Every person learns differently and it’s up to each of us to discover the path that makes us and our team the most successful, the fastest. A good engineer or technician will always do what it takes. However, they will likely get to their destination faster, with less errors, by a blended diet of training and applied experience.


Check out our summer training schedule and see let us know where you want to “learn-cation” for a quality week of learning and fun!

We offer scheduled classroom training throughout the southeast & mid-Atlantic region and onsite training for those who need us to come to them (virtual or classroom, instructor led) to accomplish their goals.

Visit us here to see how we can assist or email our training coordinator.