Congratulations to Rubberlite Incorporated, winners of InSource  Extreme Factory Makeover Contest Season – 2.

The annual InSource Extreme Factory Makeover Contest, sponsored by AVEVA, selects one deserving manufacturer to win up to $35,000 in software and consulting services to advance their company with innovative digital solutions.

Each contest entrant described how their manufacturing facility was trying to improve quality, operational efficiency, energy management, asset utilization, workforce optimization, process visualization or compliance and how they would like to use the prize to further their objectives. The contest came down to a few fantastic finalists and Rubberlite Incorporated won by a fraction of a point.

Rubberlite, Inc. is the recognized leader of converted cellular rubber and plastic products as well as manufacturer of custom-engineered polyurethane foams and flexible composite systems. They use their technologies and development expertise to provide a portfolio of material solutions across three strategically aligned areas of our business: Industrial Rubber and Plastics, Engineered Foams, and Technical Composites.

A virtual awards ceremony was held over the internet with Jessica Spurlock, Process Automation Engineer, accepting the $35,000 prize on behalf of Rubberlite. On hand practicing social distancing from InSource were Ann Croom, President, Brian Premock, Director Business Development, Jeff Miller, Director of Smart Manufacturing and Jason Paquette, Marketing Manager.

Jessica’s ultimate goal is to reduce scrap by as much as 10% and to get as much yield out of a master role of foam as possible. We can’t wait to get started and help the Rubberlite engineering and operations team achieve their goals!

Please join us in congratulating Rubberlite on their initiative and stay tuned to learn how it turns out!

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