Wonderware Version 2017

It’s not likely in today’s world that many will argue that training has no value. After all, each of us is where we are, in part, due to years of learning; some formal training and some on-the-job training (OJT). The exact benefits may be harder to pin down.

The chart below comes from a recent Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) study. While this study is focused on software vendors, such as AVEVA’s Wonderware, it gives us more clues about the true impact of training. As you might expect, product training allows a user to 1) use the product more and 2) use more features of the product. But the claim that training allowed a user to “work more independently” was what caught my attention. 87% of those surveyed indicated that training allowed them to work with less direction from others. Wow. Many of our clients are struggling to find skilled labor, so it seems significant if a leader can help improve a valuable worker’s efficiency. So according to TSIA, training employees such that they can operate in an independent manner is one way to get more bang for the buck.

Over the past 8 months, Wonderware has released version 2017 for many of their offerings. This includes InTouch, System Platform, Application Server and OMI. If you believe now is a good time to devote energy to:

  • Expanding your knowledge of Wonderware
  • Upgrading your skills to incorporate new features into your deployment
  • Improving your ability to work more independently

We invite you to look at our 2019 training calendar and see what we have to offer.

If you don’t see something that fits your need, call us and let’s work out something that will. We offer scheduled training throughout the region. We offer onsite training for those who need us to come to them (virtual or classroom, instructor led).

Whatever your New Years’ Resolution around training, visit us here: https://insource.solutions/insource-training/ to see how InSource can assist.